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Our Story


My name is Mireia and I am a primary school teacher with a Master's in Educational Psychology.
I am also qualified as a spare time children entertainer and as a Spanish teacher.


I also have two kids (a boy and a girl) and I have learnt so much from and for them.

I set up DISCOVERY PLAYTIME with the idea of providing children and adults that come along with them learning through play experiences where kids can learn and improve basic life skills while parents get to spend quality time with their kids and socialise in a safe and fun environment.

With well over 200 different workshops we have created the most fantastic parties and events. We will bring fun and laughter to any celebration: birhtdays, communions, corporate and family events, weddings, sensory play areas and more. We have a variety of activities to suit the requirements of any occasion: face painting, balloon modelling, arts and crafts, messy and sensory play, parachute games, music and dance...

I hope you find what you are looking for and I would be so happy to help you if you have any queries. 

See you soon!
Mireia Lopez


Why choose Discovery Playtime

Prepared environment

Children learn without being aware of it and we prepare the right environment for them to learn through experience

Adult socialization

We give adults a chance to socialize in a comfortable environment while their kids are spending quality time


We let the child lead the way and freely follow his/her needs and interests to promote his/her independence


Our safe and stimulating environment engages adults and children to interact and learn from each other


We provide a structured routine with a variety of activities to satisfy each child's needs and interests

Child development

Our sessions are planned and run according to the child's age, attention span, interests and needs to assure the connection between the child and the activities.

Life skills

These activities stimulate the child's skills such motor skills, communication, coordination, observation, problem-solving, patience, creativity, etc.

Respect the child

We don't force or rush anyone to take part on anything, we engage and let the child choose and we respect each one's rhythm and timing.


Messy Play sessions supporting autism

Every week there are a variety of different sensory activities for the children to play with and it ends with some parachute games. My son always has so much fun and comes out with a big smile on his face every week